Matthew Clough

Matthew is a talented up and coming multi-sport athlete. He has recently earned the title of being the 2019 ITU World U20 Cross -Tri Champion. He has participated in multiple XTERRA championships and has come out on top almost every time. Matthew has a busy season coming up including the Coast to Coast. We cannot wait to support Matthew throughout his athletic career. Good luck! 

Sheldon Kneale

We have the pleasure of sponsoring Sheldon whom is a competitive drift car driver. He has recently joined the drifting scene and has done very well so far. He placed 2nd place in the Drift South Pro class after coming 1st place at the Drift South Development series. Sheldon has many races coming up in 2019. We wish him all the best and cannot wait to see what he has in store for this season. Good luck!

Jeff Aldridge and William Little have teamed up to race together at the Speedway for Sidechair racing. Jeff and William are heading into another year of racing together all over the South Island. Sidechair (sidecar) racing is when one of the team members hangs on to the side of the bike to help give the motorbike speed and the ability to turn corners better. A very exciting adventure ahead this year and we are very proud to be sponsoring and supporting these guys through. Watch this space!! Good luck 62C!