BUY ONE OR HIRE ONE! We’re thrilled to be the New Zealand distributor of NC Engineering Trailers. With our import licence, we make it easy to bring the cleverly designed NC trailers to you in New Zealand.

NC Engineering is a family owned company in Northern Ireland who specialise in producing high quality trailers.

We have been testing a customised Commercial Step Frame trailer and a 320 Dump Trailer imported from NC Engineering. We’ve been running these units daily, and we’re convinced that the superior build quality, practicality and durability of the trailers are a great fit for civil and agricultural contracts and farmers in New Zealand.

These trailers are ideal for New Zealand standards and can be customised to what you desire. There are a variety of trailers to choose from such as Dump trailers, Commercial Step Frame to Low Loaders.

We also offer our own Commercial Step Frame trailer and a 320 Dump Trailer for hire with a variety of choices: dry hire, with a tractor or with a driver – just let us know what you need.

Send us a quick email or call us on 03 307 2480 to find out more.