Avoid damage and disruption when installing services with Welshy’s trench-less technology.

Utilising our Vermeer D23x30 horizontal directional drill we’re able to install services without breaking the ground surface that occurs when opening trenches. This reduces disruption, has less traffic management requirements and lessens the mess on the property.

We have another option, our Case 6030 Drill, perfect for service installations on properties.

When drilling isn’t an option, our Chain Trencher can open neat and tidy trenches in the most difficult of locations.

With the use of our “Sucker Truck” we can find underground assets such as power and telephone cables without the risk of damaging them. This helps reduce the risk to people and can reduce the cost and down time associated with damaging underground services.

Whether it’s on-farm, residential or commercial at Welshy Contracting, we provide a full range of services – call us on 03 307 2480 today.